Learn how to live and
love again after loss
Patricia M Brown’s only son, Justin, died by suicide.

This was life shattering.

But Patricia embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Recognizing the
consequences of unresolved grief in her own life, Patricia studied and researched
bereavement and has become a specialist in Grief Recovery.

Now she is dedicated to helping people love and live again.

From my Heart to Yours

Hello, I’m Pat.  Loss has been a big part of my life, and I’ve created this website to share my experience in navigating the journey through grief.

When my son Justin took his life at the age of 24, my entire world shattered. And the devastating aftermath, like a tsunami of woes, continued for 8 years.  My marriage failed, the family disintegrated, I had 3 major surgeries, and I was defrauded of my life savings.  Justin’s loss turned into multiple losses, all stemming from his suicide.

Through a chance encounter I realized I’d been existing in a fog for 8 long years, emotionally shut down and functioning a bit like a robot.  It shocked me into action, I simply had to do something to find a way to feel again, to re-engage fully with life and return to the land of the living.  No more the zombie.

It’s been a surprising journey, and today I’m a very different person.  Death, above all, has taught me about life.  I take nothing for granted, I focus on all that I have rather than what has gone, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the many gifts in my life.

I share my personal experiences because I want to give you hope, encouragement and support in your journey to the other side of grief.  You matter, and your recovery matters to those who love you.

I offer help through:

  • Grief coaching and therapy
  • My book – RECOVERY: Learning to love and live after loss  (available on this site)
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Social media posts and blogs
  • Speaking