Learn how to live and
love again after loss
Patricia M Brown’s only son, Justin, died by suicide.

This was life shattering.

But Patricia embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Recognizing the
consequences of unresolved grief in her own life, Patricia studied and researched
bereavement and has become a specialist in Grief Recovery.

Now she is dedicated to helping people love and live again.

Recovery: Learning to love and live after loss

When we suffer significant loss, some people lose even more. They lose the art of living. For those who continue to suffer needlessly, Recovery provides clarity, alternative thinking and a variety of strategies designed to create a brighter future.

Extract from the Foreword of the book:

“This book is a unique gift. It is the distillation of hard-won wisdom about recovering your life in the aftermath of devastating loss. It is a book about grief but it is also a book that celebrates the wonder and joy of life. … a lifeline Pat extends to others who find themselves trapped within their grief and for those who love them and want to help.”

Diana Sands, PhD
Director, Centre for Intense Grief