Hello, I welcome your visit to this website. You’d probably like to learn a little about me.

I recently commissioned the second edition of Recovery … Learning to love and live after loss. The book has been described as a “manual for living” , and while it begins with my story of loss, it goes on to reveal the steps I took to turn my life around.  There are case studies, and exercises designed to help you move forward in your healing process.

There were two main reasons for writing the book.  The first was the realization that loss has dominated my life for over 40 years; you could say I’m an expert. Funny how things often don’t turn out how we expect or hope they will.

In brief:

• I am the mother of 3 children, now only two living.  My eldest, Justin, took his own life at the age of 24.  My daughter, Chrissie, was born profoundly disabled, and has never walked or talked.  My youngest, Hayley, is happy and healthy.
• Justin’s death shattered life as we knew it, our marriage failed four years later, and the family disintegrated.
• In a vulnerable state of unresolved grief, I entrusted my life savings to a person offering to “make things better”. She turned out to be a predatory psychopath who went to jail, leaving me financially ruined and having to start all over again.

The second reason for writing the book was that I realized the help I needed during my darkest moments was simply not there. Or maybe I just didn’t look in the right places. And so I determined to write a book about my story and my experiences in finding solutions.

I refused to let loss define me as “sad and damaged”, dictating how I would spend the rest of my life. Some would say I’ve had a lot of back luck, but hitting rock bottom forced me to examine what I needed to change to lift myself up again and renew my zest for living.:

It was from this place that my search for answers began. I studied the wisdom of the ages via practical philosophy, the many aspects of personal development, emotional and behavioural therapies, meditation, leadership and life coaching. I explored the various beliefs and misconceptions surrounding grief, and worked with focus groups to uncover the greatest needs for those in grief.

The most profound learning has been that one loss, if left untreated, can multiply into many. It becomes an emotional cancer that may not kill your body, but it will kill your life.  This realization alone was reason enough to share with others what I have learned.

To fill in a few personal gaps: I was born in New York, raised in Sydney and then returned to New York for seven years with my husband, before we came home again to Australia. I live within minutes of some very beautiful beaches, where I swim throughout our long summer. My local park has many lakes, birds, trees, flowers and quiet places – this is my cathedral, and the ocean is my balm. Grief has given me a different perspective on what is important, a greater depth and compassion for my fellow travelers, a wellspring of love to share and a breadth of knowledge to serve others. Above all, I’ve learned to value life, love, and the joy of living fully.


Patricia Brown’s mission is to support those suffering to take the steps needed to re-engage with life, build resilience, and move with optimism towards a brighter future

To discover how Pat can help you gain insights and solutions to the challenges you’re facing, contact her on +61 419 431 513 or email to patricia@recoveryfromloss.com