Pat has drawn on her own personal journey and challenges to develop her coaching
program – RECLAIM LIFE. She knows all too well the pitfalls and blockages that
prevent or delay recovery. With gentle guidance Pat empowers people to tap into
their strengths as they take responsibility for their own emotional and physical healing.

Coaching focuses on removing any obstacles to recovery, then developing positive steps to
enhance life, build resilience and bring about the desired outcome for each individual. In brief
there are three phases to grief coaching.

  • help to put the past to rest
  • developing an awareness of how mindset influences decision making, and emotional health
  • actively building the stepping stones to support and maintain a brighter future.

Sometimes we can become stuck, and sadness continues to dominate everyday living.

Some of the indications that help is needed:

  • You have become disconnected from your true self, your family and friends
  • You believe time will heal and you just have to wait
  • Your thinking is distorted by overwhelming sadness, guilt or regret
  • You have lost confidence and faith in the future
  • You are prepared to settle for an “okay” life
  • You no longer experience happiness or joy
  • You have lost the art of living, and lost your way

Want to know more?

To discover how Pat can help you gain insights and solutions to your challenges, contact her on +61 419 431 513.


We have had an excellent response to webinars based on sections in the book. These are interactive and offer an opportunity to ask questions, gain clarity and provide a forum for exchange of ideas. The webinar format, where active participation is not required, can be very valuable for those who simply wish to listen.

Workshops commencing in 2017/18.

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I lead my local chapter of the Compassionate Friends, a worldwide group supporting bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings. My son Ben died 9 years ago. Whilst I get wonderful support from my group, the responsibility of supporting others and being there for newly bereaved parents can take its toll and I find debriefing with Pat is just a life saver. She validates me and offers practical encouragement. Most importantly for me is that before I talk to her I am often feeling overwhelmed and overburdened – I leave her feeling supported and uplifted: ready to take on life’s challenges again. Thank you Pat, I cannot recommend you highly enough, and do so regularly, for the wonderful way in which you help people deal with life’s challenges.

Gail Terrey

“The very first time I met Pat I knew she could help me. My family was torn apart by my son’s suicide, my health was suffering too. And my life was a mess. For 3 years I just didn’t know what to do, and every day was getting worse. It was so awful. Pat has been amazing. She listens to every word I say, asks me lots of questions which make me think about things differently, and somehow I always come away feeling positive and quite often with a smile on my face. She’s wonderful. With my whole heart, I recommend her”

Kay Lennon, Sydney